About Us: National Network

The National Science Foundation launched the NSF INCLUDES National Network to help people and organizations working towards STEM equity and inclusion make cross-sector connections, build capacity, and find needed resources.   

The Network can help you…

sharpen your skills in areas such as measurement and communication

follow best practices and build better on what’s known by learning and borrowing from others’ efforts

share your expertise with others pursuing similar work

connect and build partnerships with other funders and leaders from education and industry

measure your progress and impact, individually and as part of a national movement

ask the Network for support on specific needs

NSF INCLUDES National Network
is made up of...

NSF INCLUDES-funded Alliances
NSF INCLUDES Design and Development Launch Pilot Projects (DDLPs)
NSF-funded broadening participating in STEM projects
NSF Partners
Other STEM programs and projects funded to broaden participation in STEM

The Network is open to anyone interested in broadening participation in STEM, join us